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Haru and Furi 2 - Great Adventure into the Bird-Man Kingdom

If your life is decided before you are born, will you have a better life by not going the wrong way?
Haru the hare and Furi the fox fall down to a bottomless hole. What will they encounter in the mysterious underworld? Can they come back to the surface world successfully?

“Haru and Furi 2 - Great Adventure into the Bird-Man Kingdom” is the second short story of “Haru and Furi”. It is funded by “the 6th Animation Support Program” in 2018-19, and won the Bronze Award in the Tier “Small Animation Enterprises (Basic Production)”.

Haru and Furi

Haru and Furi go camping because of the "Sunrise Photography Competition". As different as chalk and cheese, Haru and Furi have their own style of camping. Heavy rain arrives in the mid-night, Haru and Furi have to help each other through the storm.

The short animation "Haru and Furi" won the Silver Award in the Tier "Animation Start-ups" of the "5th Animation Support Program" in 2017.

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